DGM2740 Principles of Web Languages

This course was built by Dr. Paul Cheney for the Digital Media Department at UVU

Unit08 Images & Sprites



As the social web keeps growing, it’s important for companies to realize that more customers are turning to social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for customer service. The companies that are listening and responding to social media are providing another avenue for customers to reach them as well as a level of customer service that improves customer loyalty.

Both Facebook and Twitter provide a Application Programming Interface or API that allows programmers to reach into their databases and extract information. In this unit you will demonstrate that you can include feeds from Facebook and Twitter on a responsive web page.

You can use media queries to load different background images into an element. While these images are not very scalable, they do provide one way to save on download time for mobile devices.

A second way to load different versions of an image is to use jquery. These images are loaded into the HTML and fully scalable.

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