DGM2740 Principles of Web Languages

This course was built by Dr. Paul Cheney for the Digital Media Department at UVU

Unit07 Flexible Media



Now that you have a responsive web page, you need to have Flexible media to go inside it.  In this usint you wil build a multiple page site that demonstrated each of the objectives listed above. One page will have the videos, another will have sliders, the third will have scalable images. The header will have font-based icons for your social media and the footer will have google structured data.

Ideally when we load an image from the server we don’t have to scale it very much. It is better to download a different image all together. In this unit we will examine one solution to make this happen.

Learning Activities

All videos listed below are available on UDEMY


Reflection Questions

You will please submit the answers to these questions in Canvas


View my example of the image slider based on WooThemes

View my example of a thumbnail viewer based on WooThemes

View my example of flexible video (includes YouTube, Vimeo, BlipTV)

View my example of a WooThemes slider (it uses fade and no controls)