DGM2740 Principles of Web Languages

This course was built by Dr. Paul Cheney for the Digital Media Department at UVU

Unit01 Setup a Site


Prerequisites. This course is to be taken after DGM2120 Web Essentials and DGM2271 Principles of Web Design.

Learning. For each unit in the course you will have videos to watch and books or articles to read. These will help you develop your responsive design and coding skills. Each unit will also require you will design and code a web page as well as answer questions.

Contact the Teacher. Please use the discussion boards in Canvas and e-mails to paul.cheney@uvu.edu to help you with assignments.

Software. Unlike Web Essentials where using Dreamweaver was prohibited, you will need to use Dreamweaver, Coda, or some other tool to help speed up coding and file transfer.

Tools. Since you will be building responsive pages, you will need access to a smart phone and tablet to check your work before turning it in.

Quality of Work. In this class all you documents and wireframes need to be good enough to show a client. Sloppy work results in losing business and in this class results in lost points. Failing to check your work after you push it to the server makes a client wonder if your competent and in this class results in a zero-grade.

Cost. If you do not already own your own domain name and web hosting you will need to sign up now. I use Blue Host because they have 24 hour phone support from native English Speakers. In addition I have never had to endure a poor offshore phone connection. I do not recommend Go Daddy. Most web service providers allow you to pay for a single year, or multiple years and they charge you up front for the service.

Additionally you will have 4 small textbooks which you can get in print or for your tablet.


In this unit you will learn how to choose a domain name and sign up for new web hosting. Next you will use the c-panel to create a subdomain under your full domain name. Then you will build a folder structure on your computer to hold all the site related files. Finally you will build a new site using the Site Manager in Dreamweaver and upload an index.html file using Dreamweaver.

Professional web developers build pages on their local machine and then use a tool like Dreamweaver or Coda to upload the files to their website for testing.

Learning Activities

In this unit I will demonstrate choosing a new domain name "bestpaulcheney.com" and how easy it is to sign up for hosting. Next I will demonstrate creating the "dgm4000" sub domain on my main domain of drpauluvu.com. Then I will let you peek into my hard drive and see one of my client's site folder. After that, I will demonstrate creating a folder structure for the sub domain "dgm4000" and how to build a simple index.html file. Finally I will connect the folder on my computer to the matching folder on the sub domain and upload the index file.

All videos listed below are available on Apple iTunes


Reflection Questions

You will please submit the answers to these questions in Canvas


There is no example for this first unit.